3 Excellent Landscaping Projects To Get Done This Fall

3 Excellent Landscaping Projects To Get Done This Fall

When you think of the perfect time of year for landscaping, the fall season might not be the first choice that pops up in your mind. The truth is, the fall season can actually be a wonderful time of year to update certain elements of your home's landscaping, you just have to have the assistance of the right team of landscaping professionals, and a vision for your home's outdoor areas. Here at Garden's Edge Landscaping, our team of professionals are ready to help you maximize the beauty of your landscaping this fall season, but where do you start, and which projects are the ones to focus on this fall? To answer that, our team of professionals have taken the time to put together this short list detailing exactly what a few of these landscaping projects are, and why the fall season is the best time of year to get them done.

Landscape Lighting

With fall finally upon us, it means that the days are going to continue getting shorter and shorter, but if you are the type that has an outdoor entertaining area that you aren't ready to pack away just yet, this can be somewhat of an issue. If you are looking for a project that will let you keep your outdoor entertaining areas accessible for more months out of the year, new landscape lighting might be just the option you've been searching for. Landscape lighting covers a wide variety of different things, and can serve a wide variety of different functioning around your home. Whether you are looking to line your pathways to make them safer to tread after the sun has gone down, you are looking to create a unique highlighting effect for various areas of your yard that you are particularly proud of, or you are just looking to beef up your home's security, landscape lighting can do it all. If you are looking to make your outdoor areas more cozy and accessible this fall and winter, give our team of professionals a call and let us show you what new landscape lighting can do for you.


Hardscaping covers a wide variety of different projects, but despite their differences, they can all have a dramatic effect on your landscape as a whole. From new stone paver walkways, patios, or even natural stone retaining walls to help keep your garden from washing away in the rain, hardscaping projects all have one thing in common: they are going to have a dramatic impact on your landscape, both during installation and with the finished results. Having these new hardscape features installed now in the fall not only ensures that you won't have to compete in order to get your project scheduled, but it will minimize the impact this work will have on your landscape when the growing season comes back around, and will keep the impact on your lawn and other vegetation to a minimum.

Raised Garden Beds

When spring finally comes back around, you aren't going to want to have to waste valuable growing time trying to prepare a bed for your vegetables and flowers. Luckily, you can get a jump start this fall by installing those raised flower beds and get them prepared with rich soil so that when spring does finally come back around, you can just jump right in and won't have to waste any time with preparation. This will ensure that you have time to get things planted when they are supposed to be, which is the first step in raising a healthy garden.

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