Sandy Springs Taking Care Of A Pond With Pond Supplies

Sandy Springs Taking Care Of A Pond With Pond Supplies

When one decides to install a pond on their Sandy Springs property there are many avenues that should be explored. First and foremost is the location. Determining if there will be proper drainage and water flow is very important. This will determine if a pond can maintain fish life as they must have fresh water and oxygen to live. A pond is a great Sandy Springs landscaping design solution that will look great for years to come if properly maintained. Pond products to take care of problems that arise is also important.

Construction of the Sandy Springs pond itself involves several issues. First decision to be made is what type of pond is desired as well as what kind of inhabitants will live in it. A pond needs to be planned for its specific purpose whether it is for a waterfall, fish, plants or all three.

If one is building a koi pond the plant life should be limited because they do eat certain types of plants. It needs to be very large to accommodate koi growth and should hold at least 1000 gallons. A small pond is too limiting for this kind of fish. A small water garden, on the other hand can contain both goldfish and aquatic plants.

Once the pond is established, it will require care and certain pond products to keep it clean and healthy. A few complaints about pond care are dirty water, slimy algae and the price of electricity. There are products to take care of each of these problems.

It is essential that the water be kept clear and there are products available specifically for this purpose. Having a good filter on the pond will also allow the water to be filtered and re-cycled, thus eliminating the waste of water and electricity. This is a very eco-friendly addition to a pond.

Slimy algae is one of the worst complaints by pond owners. It is bad to look at feels terrible on the hands, and is hard to get rid of. The facts are that this is a microscopic plant life that simply loves stagnant water. It is often seen in ponds located in fields where farm animals are being raised. There are many different kinds of this plant. Some float in the water, some are stringy and some are similar to plankton.

There are several things that attract this unwanted plant. Sunlight is one, chemicals called nitrates and phosphates is another. Leaves dropping from trees, poorly circulated water, ponds made of limestone, marble or concrete and hot weather also encourage its growth. This is one reason that location of the pond is important. Building it at a location away from trees and heavy sunlight will make a huge difference.

There are also products for just about everything that causes a problem in a pond. Pond filters, pumps, kits, Koi food, UV clarifier and many more that will keep the pond in the condition that is desirable. Some like to use a pond liner which is very effective if the pond is made of concrete or limestone. It is a big help in controlling algae. Adding pond netting in the winter will prevent debris from falling into the pool. If one lives in a location with a severe winter climate they might want to consider a built in heater.

There are several pond supplies that you can use for your pond, such as pond covers, decors, algae control, filters and many more. You only need to be careful in choosing the right supplies for your pond.

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