Basic Tips for Summer Lawn Care

Summer Lawn Care


Summer watering differs from spring and fall in frequency and quantity, but the time frame for watering must be adjusted. Water during early morning hours is the best formula for summer watering, in this way you will avoid the accumulate moisture on the grass at night hours, since the moisture can cause more than disease. Avoid to water during noon and afternoon, if you water during those hours, you will burn your grass. Finally, water deep during more ten minutes,soak the soil till the depth of six inches, this provide your roots all the water they need.

Fertilizing in Summer

Fertilizing in summer should be done under certain rules, according to the circumstances: avoid to put chemicals on your lawn during the peak of heat days ( temperature surpassing ninety degrees). The reason: chemicals fertilizer contains nitrogen, a key element for your grass development, but under intense heat condition, nitrogen can burn your grass. Choose always a more light fertilizer, with less nitrogen in its composition and fertilize when the climate turns cooler.

Summer Mowing: More Than Necessary

Carpeting your garden and lawn with green grass offers almost an ideal view draw on a card. The true is the as the heat begins to increase, the grass start to wilt, and looks discolored. Following the suggested techniques in this articles and adding mowing to these, you will maintain your splendid grass green look for more time.

Mowing needs a paragraph apart: the crucial point is how short the grass should be cut. And there is an answer very clear: never cut more than a third at once mowing. You must be considering keep your grass very short in summer to save time in mowing and keep the grass with a neat appearance for more time, but contrarily this will damage your grass. A short cut grass is less capable of maintaining moisture, theretofore, your grass won't resist very well to an eventual drought. A reasonable length will help your grass to be strong during the summer.Other important tip is always mow when the grass is dry and have your blades adequately shaped.

Summer Lawn Care Made It Easy

Well, as you have seen doing the proper things at the proper time is the key to achieve success in summer lawn care. No secrets: only use your common sense and apply the above rules. Watering made efficient will ensure your grass longer life, additional to this fertilizing according to time and necessity, will plausibly reinforce your lawn health in combination with proper mow.

Choosing a suitable grass type is very important. One of the most recommendable grass used in many American lawn is Bermuda Grass. Bermuda grass will endure drought, need no many care and look great all the summer.You can search in your local store for Bermuda Grass seed to plant your lawn with this superb variety.

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