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Sod Installation

If you are like most homeowners you dream of he perfect lawn, which may only be obtainable through Atlanta sod installation. This is the ideal alternative to seeded grass for starting and establishing a new lawn, as well as for lawn repair. If this is something that you are considering, all you have to do is give our Atlanta Landscaping company pros here at Garden's Edge Landscaping a call so that we can review with you the options that you have.

Grass sod is expertly grown and then transplanted to your location where it is then installed for you so that you have instant lawn. Of course there is still a great deal of care and maintenance that must be carried out in order to make sure this becomes established and takes hold. The key to success is the installation, so that your roots can develop and provide you with an actual established lawn. So whether you have new construction with a bare plot of land or just need to make some major repairs to specific areas of your existing grass, let us help you through the implementation of sod installation.

Sod Installation Professionals

The process begins with the lawn preparation; we remove any old grass and smooth out the remaining topsoil. To that we add more topsoil and fill in lower areas and plant beds are established. Using a lawn roller, this smooths out the area and helps settling, but not compaction, of the soil in preparation for sod installation.

With the sod installation, the new sod is installed, making sure there are no gaps and that everything lines up properly. After that, we use the lawn roller once again, in order to smooth things out and press pockets of trapped air. Our team of experts will then pick up debris and give things a good final sweep up in order to make sure the new lawn looks clean. Then we will take care of the most important step, which is the watering that helps your new yard take root.

Atlanta Sod Installation

The trick to getting sod to truly take hold and develop into a healthy lawn is the installation. Atlanta sod installation is both an art form and a skill; one that takes proper training and hands on experience to master. At Garden's Edge Landscaping we take this aspect of our work seriously; when we help you establish a lawn we get to then also take care of it. When quality matters, as it always should for your property and the way that it looks, make sure you make the smart choice to only work with true professionals.

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