Garden's Edge Is A Full Service Atlanta Landscaping Company

When you are searching for the right answer to your Atlanta landscaping company dilemma, you want to be confident that you are making the right choice. Since 1999, Garden's Edge Landscaping has been the leader in local service providers because we provide service that makes a difference. The solid reputation we have acquired is from the sturdy foundation we established for our company, by offering only the best in workmanship and customer care. The bottom line is that we listen when it comes to the wants and needs of our clients and make it a point to always go above and beyond when we deliver.

Our work crews are highly trained and have been with us for many years. We all work together, as a team, in order to provide the same level of superior quality when it comes to all of the services we offer. We make it a point to be a full service company so that you never have to go elsewhere for the work that you need completed. You can also expect the same exceptional level of workmanship in all that we do; from edging and mowing to hardscapes and sinkhole repair.

Your Atlanta Lawn Maintenance and Lawn Care Services

lawn maintenanceAs a home or business owner, you will quickly come to realize that you shouldn't try to take care of your own lawn maintenance and lawn care services. Even the mowing should be handled by an expert so that you get the best in quality results that you want. Not to mention, this allows you to take back your weekends off and spend time doing what you love most and leave the backbreaking outdoor work to us. This will also save you the money and space in your garage that having bulky equipment, and the service involved, requires.

Creating the curb appeal you want, and making a positive first impression, is all about how your exterior looks. It is simply not possible to have a stunning exterior without investing some serious work into it. Even the most naturally stunning of yards could use some extra help, especially to keep it from looking shoddy due to overgrowth, weeds and leaf cleanup. Don't take chances when it comes to who you entrust to take care of cleaning up and caring for your yard.

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Landscape Design & Build

landscape designThere is no such thing as natural beauty when it comes to having a stunning yard. There is a great deal of planning and hard work that goes into making your property look effortlessly stunning. Choosing just the right plants for shade or picking the right color blooms to accent the color of your home; these are all carefully thought out details that simply do not just magically happen in nature. All of which is why you need to work with the best landscape designer and builder to create the look you want.

We are also the company you need for all of your hardscape services, too. We will show you all of the exciting options that you have for the non-living elements of your landscape design, such as rockwalls or firepits or a water fountain. In order to have all of this work together in a cohesive manner, you need expert planning, which is where Garden's Edge Landscaping comes into the picture.

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Lawncare & Maintenance

Even after sod or landscape installation, the rest does not take care of itself. The key to having long term success with your gorgeous new landscaping elements is the care and maintenance that comes with it. Irrigation, weed management and fertilization are all a large part of how well your new landscaping will weather the years. You want to create a lush, healthy, green lawn and stunning additional elements, and we are just the team that can help make this happen for you.

If you are looking for an Atlanta Landscaping Company, then give us a call today at 770-516-3027 or complete our online request form.