Understanding What Landscape Design Includes

Landscape Design

You want to make the outside of your Atlanta home or business really look impressive, and one way to achieve this is to find an expert to work with for your landscape design. Until you truly work with a professional to achieve the look you want, you may not realize just how much work this entails. In fact, you may not be aware of just how much you can benefit from this – turns out there is a whole lot more to quality landscaper designs than just planting a few flowers.

Understanding the Process

The first thing to take into consideration is that there are more in-depth elements that go into proper landscaping design to create the perfect look. It is about picking the perfect colors, planning for the different times of the year, considering different hardscapes, keeping things looking effortlessly natural (if that's your style) and understanding your style in general. So it means working with someone who is the perfect blend of creative and professional, in order to end up with just the right results.

The basics of the process include:

  • The initial consultation to get a general idea of the direction the project will be going. This is the perfect time for you to share ideas you have or any elements that are a must.
  • Lawn or site analysis to get an idea of the soil conditions, level of direct sunlight versus shade and other details. This is essential also for determining if tasks like fertilization or sod installation is needed.
  • Construction plans and the installation proposal comes next, which gives you the chance to look over what will be happening, upon your approval. Think of this as the blueprint stage of landscaping.
  • Next is the actual installation stage.
  • Following that, it is all about the maintenance and upkeep which is essential for making your yard continue to look amazing.

Making the Smart Choice

Here at Garden's Edge Landscaping, we are quite proud of the fact that our name has become synonymous with high quality landscaper work. We offer a wide variety of services so you do not have to opt for creating a landscaping plan, but you should at least consider it. Even if you have a relatively naturally beautiful yard, we could help make it that much more stunning.

It comes down to knowing what you could have, including hardscapes like firepits, rock walls and an outdoor kitchen. The sky is the limit when it comes to your Atlanta landscape design. So let us show you how our Atlanta Landscaping company have earned the impeccable reputation we have for this kind of important yard work.

If you are looking for an Atlanta Landscaping Company, then give us a call today at 770-516-3027 or complete our online request form.