What To Know About Your Irrigation System In Atlanta

Irrigation Systems

Whether you have extensive acreage or a simple small lot in Atlanta, you need an irrigation system to ensure your landscape is kept watered. If you've invested in a lawn, garden beds, and your favorite bushes and trees, it's highly important to protect that investment from drought.

A well-designed irrigation system is imperative in keeping your landscape looking its best. It needs to be made of quality equipment that ensures your system stands up to daily wear and tear. Some irrigation systems have water saving features that help to save water so the water is directed only to the plants involved and not wasted. There are also automation features that regulate and control the irrigation system.

At any time, one or more parts of your irrigation system can break down or not function properly. It is always best to maintain the equipment to avoid irrigation repairs, but sometimes there is no avoiding it. The most common irrigation repairs are to replace sprinkler heads that have been broken by a lawnmower or person tripping over them.

It is not uncommon for an Atlanta homeowner to inherit an irrigation system with the house and not know what type of system it is. When they call for service, the irrigation repair contractor will probably ask. To understand the different types of irrigation systems available and what type of basic irrigation repairs you may face in the future, take a look at the following information.

Drip Irrigation Systems - This is a great method to keep flowerbeds and other special plantings in healthy condition all year long. The drip system only allows small droplets of water to continually flow according to the hours you can set on a timer. This system keeps the roots moist, not soaked, so it is a water saving irrigation system. The most common irrigation repairs done on a drip system are to replace hoses due to leaks due to someone stepping on them.

Spray Irrigation Systems - These are common sprinklers that come in a variety of styles and solutions for different areas that may need different amounts of water. The system is buried underground with water sprays that either stay affixed on upright pipes or pop up when the water pressure increases. Sunken or broken sprinkler heads are the most common type of spray irrigation repair.

Irrigation Wells - Irrigation wells are tied to a natural underground water source. They are perfect for those who water a lot and need a reliable irrigation system. Irrigation wells are cost effective for the homeowner to use because all it takes is the small amount of electricity needed to run the well pump. An irrigation well needs to be cleaned and maintained to avoid repairs.

High Capacity Irrigation Systems - If you've got a lot of ground to cover, you may have a high capacity irrigation system with a high capacity water pump, especially if you're on a well system. Since this irrigation system is more complicated, the repairs will be as well.

Backflow Preventer Devices - This device is installed to prevent contamination of wastewater into the fresh water supply system. Since the irrigation system is connected to your home plumbing system, it's important to prevent any type of soil contaminants from a busted irrigation pipe from making its way back into your home. Repairs should only be done by a professional.

Where To Find Atlanta Irrigation Repair Service

It is important to have maintained your irrigation system regularly. At some point, there will be broken sprinkler heads, cracked pipes, and other problems that need to be repaired. Rather than doing it yourself, you can call in a professional.

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